Rhyming PI

Updated March 2017 (Originally published: Oct 3, 2014)

This morning, on the train journey back home, and inspired by Holly Smale‘s reading from her series of books at the Hertford Children’s Book Festival, I started to wonder if I could use rhyme effectively, to teach children something useful. What about PI? Well … [Read more…]

Cow Likes Cheese

Something silly for the weekend …

poem - cow likes cheese

5 Great Reasons Writers Should Use a Pen Name (AKA Pseudonym)

People keep asking me why I write under a pen name. Here’s a little post I wrote on the subject.

Pen names, nom de plumes, literary doubles and pseudonyms – all ways of describing the fictitious names we adopt when authoring content. Some people love them, some hate them, but is there ever a valid reason for using them? I’d say yes, and if you like I’ll tell you why …

whats in a name

[Read more…]

Quote From “Something in the Cellar”

childrens quotes

Quote From “What is a Woo?”

childrens book quote


A little rhyme I jotted down on my phone a couple of years ago. I set myself the target of telling a lifelong story while having every other line rhyme (didn’t quite manage both, but near enough!)

seed poem