Santa’s Sleigh is on its Way


I’m thrilled to announce a brand new title for 2015!

My new book, “Santa’s Sleigh is on its Way” is a rhyme for children aged aprox 3-9. Find out what happens to Santa on Christmas Eve when he has trouble with his sleigh and is late arriving to your house! Click here to join my mailing list and stay up to date!

It's Christmas Eve ...

And children all over
the world are waiting
for Santa ...

This year


It's a story about what
happens when





But don't worry

(it all works out!)

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“Santa’s Sleigh” is a location-based book similar to “Halloween Scare” so each version is packed full of local references and beautiful, bespoke artwork by the wonderfully talented Robert Dunn. In 2015 there will be over 100 versions released! See the list at the bottom of this page.

Santa's Sleigh is on its Way

There are both ‘snowy’ and ‘non-snowy’ versions as well as U.K. & U.S. specific text.

Santa's Sleigh is on its Way

Here’s a list of all the current BOOKS

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U.S. versions

Alabama (buy now!) California (buy now!) Colorado (buy now!)
Georgia (buy now!) Florida (buy now!) Illinois (buy now!)
Indiana (buy now!) Iowa (buy now!) Kentucky (buy now!)
Louisiana (buy now!) Michigan (buy now!) Minnesota (buy now!)
Missouri (buy now!) My House (generic) (buy now!) New Jersey (buy now!)
New York (buy now!) North Carolina (buy now!) Ohio (buy now!)
Pennsylvania (buy now!) South Carolina (buy now!) Tennessee (buy now!)
Texas (buy now!) Virginia (buy now!) Washington (buy now!)
Wisconsin (buy now!)

U.K. & Irish versions

Aberdeen (buy now!) Basingstoke (buy now!) Bedford (buy now!)
Belfast (buy now!) Birmingham (buy now!) Bolton (buy now!)
Bournemouth & Poole (buy now!) Bradford (buy now!) Brighton (buy now!)
Bristol (buy now!) Bromley (buy now!) Cambridge (buy now!)
Cardiff (buy now!) Channel Islands (buy now!) Chester (buy now!)
Chesterfield (buy now!) Cork (buy now!) Cornwall (buy now!)
Coventry (buy now!) Croydon (buy now!) Cumbria (buy now!)
Derby (buy now!) Derry (buy now!) Devon (buy now!)
Dublin (buy now!) Dudley (buy now!) Dundee (buy now!)
Edinburgh (buy now!) Enfield (buy now!) Essex (buy now!)
Exeter (buy now!) Fife (buy now!) Galway (buy now!)
Glasgow (buy now!) Gloucester (buy now!) Grimsby (buy now!)
Hull (buy now!) Ipswitch (buy now!) Ireland (buy now!)
Isle of Man (buy now!) Isle of Wight (buy now!) Kent (buy now!)
Leeds (buy now!) Leicester (buy now!) Lincoln (buy now!)
Liverpool (buy now!) London (buy now!) Luton (buy now!)
Manchester (buy now!) Milton Keynes (buy now!) My House (buy now!)[generic UK]
Newcastle (buy now!) Norfolk (buy now!) Northampton (buy now!)
North Wales (buy now!) Nottingham (buy now!) Oxford (buy now!)
Peterborough (buy now!) Plymouth (buy now!) Portsmouth (buy now!)
Preston (buy now!) Reading (buy now!) Scotland (buy now!)
Scunthorpe (buy now!) Sheffield (buy now!) Shrewsbury (buy now!)
Somerset (buy now!) Southampton (buy now!) Southend on Sea (buy now!)
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Warrington (buy now!) Watford (buy now!) Welsh Valleys (buy now!)
Wimbledon (buy now!) Woking (buy now!) York (buy now!)
Yorkshire (buy now!)
Santa's Sleigh is on its Way


Just one of over 100 “Santa’s Sleigh” titles being released in 2015