Questions about “Santa’s Sleigh”

Here are some questions relating to the book “Santa’s Sleigh is on its way …

1. There are over 100 different versions of this book. Some of the books have a snowy setting, while others have a sunny setting. Look through your version of the book; if you have a “snowy version” identify any lines that wouldn’t work for a sunny location, and vice versa.

2. The children in the book “scurry” upstairs. Do you think this is a better word to use than “run”? If so, why?

3. Look at the following line and then answer the questions:

“Your head hits the pillow. You’re out like a light.”

a. I don’t mean that your head literally hits the pillow.  What do you think I mean?

b. “You’re out like a light” is a comparison. Do you know what this type of comparison is called?

c. I use both “your” and “you’re” in the same line. Why?

4.  A “refrain” is part of a poem that is repeated. There are certain lines of the poem that sound like a refrain even though the words are not identical:

“Hey Santa! Hey Santa! Please visit tonight!”
“It’s Santa! It’s Santa! He’s coming indoors!”

What is being repeated, and might you still call this a refrain?

5. Look at the following line and then answer the questions:

“… A flurry of white and some flashes of red!”

a. Why did it make sense to use the word “flurry” here (clue: It makes sense when used for a snowy location).

b. Both “flurry” and “flashes” begin with an “f”. This is deliberate. Do you know what this technique is called?

6. In several places the word “till” is used. Some books would write this as: ’til. Explain why?