Praise for “Santa’s Sleigh” (so far!) (


Through pitch-perfect and utterly charming rhyming text, Eric James wonderfully captures the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve. Little readers will easily relate to the “just can’t wait” feelings the young characters in the book experience and will love the thrilling and humorous adventures of Santa as he makes his way to your little one’s house. The way the narrator directly addresses readers, and places them within the story, creates such a fun, engaging story! The gorgeously rendered illustrations are soft, yet eye-catching and full of whimsical details.
– Aeicha @ Word Spelunking, via (source)

We are always in awe of writers who can write in rhyme because it’s not as easy as you think and James’ new series covers 25 states! One would think that requires a great deal of thought and research, especially when the writer resides in England. It’s a fun and witty book and already a holiday favorite of ours.
– Back To Basics Literacy, via (indirect link)


Praise for “A Halloween Scare in …” (


Outstanding children’s book for Halloween! My 3rd graders loved it!
– brieann wierzbinski, via (source)

This has been the requested bedtime book for my three yr old son. He LOVES it, he has even memorized several lines which makes him even more excited! Can’t wait for this author’s second book!
– Nathalia Luna , via Amazon (source)

This book is adorable! [My] 14 month old absolutely loves it! He’s an active kid who would previously not sit still for a story. Now he brings the book to me or me or husband multiple times a day and sits while we read it to him.
– Christine Shallow, via (source)

I’m never sure when I pick up a regional picture book–will it be overly didactic? Will the story be forced to accommodate the geography? I hate that! Well, have no fear with this one! Both the rhyme and the visual story are too stinkin’ cute!
– Irene Carracher Kistler, via (source)

This book was a lot of fun, and not just because we’re proud New Yorkers. The book itself is filled with puns which I loved. If you know me, you know that I sometimes like puns way too much, and this was just a lot of fun. I read it in a scary voice to the Cubs and I have to say I like that Eric James didn’t try to explain away the monsters by saying that they were dressed up for Halloween, instead revealing what we all know to be true; children are the scariest monsters of all.
– Roewoof, via (source)

This is a very very cute Halloween Story!!! Love that it incorporates places in California… as well as teaches us a lesson on how to be ourselves!! For the parents there are some great little jokes. Had me chuckling. My little boy loved looking at the scarey Monsters. He was pointing and pointing and saying Mom Mom.
– Ecbeachgal, via Amazon (source)

An adorably spooky book. It was fun to read, very entertaining and absolutely delightful. Eric does an excellent job, especially delivering that wonderful message at the end. This is one of the best Halloween books I have encountered in a while. It’s well worth the read over and over again.
– Lily, via (full review)

Loved, loved, the first book. I purchased the book for my 3 year old grandson and he loved it and my 7 year old granddaughter now wants one. I thought she would think she was too old for it but no. So now it’s time to get another one or probably two.
– Lora, Pelham, AL (source) .

This is honestly one of my favorite children’s books I’ve ever read. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with every aspect, from the rhymes to illustrations, plot line, etc. It’s just perfect.
– Laura Domineau, from ReadShine Youtube channel (channel)

Written with wonderful Rhyme so you can either read it or sing it with your children. The most wonderful thing about it is … [spoiler hidden by Eric!]
– Neveen H. Badr, via Goodreads (source)

Very cute story with an adorable ending! The rhyming is fantastic, and the illustrations incorporating Maryland icons were well done.
– Megan, via (source)

This book is adorable. The story is cute, the illustrations are wonderful, and the references to Michigan things and places were perfect!
– Jamie, via (source)

I loved this book! It’s perfect for Halloween and the illustrations include important people and places from the state. The protagonist over comes all the scary monsters at the end and proves his bravery.
– Allie Pierskalla, via Goodreads (source)

It’s Brilliant! This is a Gem of a book. Without giving too much away it empowers kids on the Scariest night of the Year! This is a rhyming book which skips along effortlessly in pace and story.
– Ahrani Thiriloganathan, Brand Creator & TV Development Producer at The TV IDEAS Factory

This is the cleverest idea for a book. Just delightful. To have each state different to include famous places for that state in pure genius. I am sending them to anyone I know in each state. Thank you Eric James.
– pollyanna, via (source)

@EricJamesAuthor That is brilliant! You have 2 new fans (7&11yrs) They loved both the poetry & illustrations. Thank you for sharing 🙂
– mumsnetbath, via (source)

This book was read to my son’s Pre-Kindergarten class. It was such a cute book. It was a fun story that kept the kids interested. The pictures were great at illustrating the story. I enjoyed it so much that I am purchasing one for my kids to read at home.
– Chantelle Bunch, via (source)

This book is adorable, very colorful and bright illustrations, very cute ending! A Must have!
– Korie Thompson, via (source)

This book is new to our collection this year, but it has quickly become a family favorite.
– Magnolia Mamas Website (source)

Five stars. A very fun Halloween book for the little ones of Colorado!
– Interesting “MH”, via (source)

Super cute! My toddlers love this book!
– Cat024, via (source)

A thrilling, humorous frolic through different cites and countries where kids and grownups are having suitably creepy, Halloween Fun, with a writing style highly reminiscent of the rhyming pattern found in ‘Twas the night before Christmas’
– Pat Nicholson, children’s author

Engaging, clever, funny and psychologically sound. One of the best books for children I have ever read.
– Andrew Soltau, Author of “Human Being 2.0”

Max (5) absolutely adores your book and it is the most requested bedtime story. Each page is savoured as we choose our favourite monster! The rhymes are superb!
– Adrian & Jane Campbell-Howard, Society Cafe

This book is super unique! It adds little hits of Minnesota to it! You could easily do a little geography lesson with it! And at the end the little boy is no longer afraid of the monsters.
– Tonia Kruczek, via Goodreads (source)

Praise for “Max’s Little Brother” (

The book is brilliant!!! A charming read & beautifully illustrated. My 4 year old son said “Yes I want it!”
– Georgina Rosso, UK

My daughter loved your book. She asked me to read it 3 times and then had a tantrum when I said 4 times was quite enough!
– skyeplusbump (via mumsnet)

The kids absolutely loved it! They thought it was really funny and made me read it twice.
– Sam Thomas, teacher of 29 children aged 6 and 7, Moorlands Primary School UK

Brilliant, witty and beautifully illustrated.
– Guy Parr (founder of Parragon Publishing & HometownWorld Books)

I just read it to my 4 year old daughter, she loved it and is already asking me to read it again!
– muminthecity (via Mumsnet)

Just read it to my 2.5 year old daughter who then insisted that I read it another time.
– cookinmama (via Mumsnet)

A fantastic book!
– MathsMadMummy (via Mumsnet)

This is without doubt the finest book ever written and everybody should buy at least 5 copies of it.
– My mum

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