Halloween Scare

Q: Are they are basically all the same book.

The core story is the same, but almost every single page in each book is adjusted to its location in some way:

Each book contains: two bespoke verses (where possible I made them completely unique to the location), a fair amount of bespoke artwork, and on top of that there are lots of smaller artwork tweaks (e.g. pictures on the walls change to represent local people/places/attractions) and text tweaks (local place-names are inserted throughout).

One or two reviewers have expressed their wish that each book contained a completely bespoke story for each location. This would be fantastic. Unfortunately, from the publisher’s perspective it’s not possible to produce a completely bespoke, full-colour, hardback book and keep the price low (they retail at $8 in the US) because the costs of printing, illustration & distribution would outweigh anything that could be recouped when selling in such low volumes. Also, it would mean coming up with over 70 unique stories … and I’m not sure I could manage to do that anytime soon 😉

Examples of some of the other bespoke verses and artwork can be found here.