Now I Am (1-5), Mommy

The milestone journal & rhyme

💖✨ From the excitement of first steps all the way through to dressing up, celebrate your little one’s achievements with our “Now I Am, Mommy” series (ages 1–5).

💖✨ These delightful journals feature 104 journal pages, strategically placed prompt pages, and a sweet touching rhyme based on key milestones for each age. Designed as a Keepsake Record Book for a boy or girl, and featuring a heartwarming rhyme based on developmental milestones, these journals are the perfect companion for every step of your journey together.

The Journal Based on Developmental Milestones

I’ll drink from a cup,
use my fingers to eat.
I’ll pull myself up
and I’ll stand on two feet.

(Now I Am One, Mommy)

💖✨ Discover the joy and wonder of these early years. Embrace each new day with your little one. Note down their leaps and bounds, and revel in the anticipation of their next milestone. With our journal, you’re not just tracking growth; you’re creating a legacy of love, one page at a time.

And when I can walk
I’ll be toddling around.
You’ll love it
(but you’ll never get to sit down!)

(Now I Am Two, Mommy)

💖✨ Crafted for both seasoned and first-time moms, our milestone keepsake journals guide you through key developmental stages with warmth.

I’ll love to dress up
and I’ll put on a show.
I’ll tell everyone
EVERYTHING that I know
(Now I Am Five, Mommy)

💖✨ Crafted by parents, for parents. Nothing brought us more joy than seeing the transformation of our child from a tiny baby into a little person with a big personality. We loved every stage. We hope you do, too x

I’m finding my voice
and I’ll make myself heard,
With giggles and gurgles
(and soon my first word!)

(Now I Am One, Mommy)

I’m old enough now
that I’ll take turns and share.
I’ll do things myself
but I’ll still need you there.

(Now I Am Three, Mommy)

💖✨ This baby book keepsake is not just a record but a treasure trove of memories, capturing the essence of your baby’s first years. The gender-neutral design ensures that every family can cherish these moments equally, making it a thoughtful and inclusive gift.

Sometimes I’ll be confident,
other times shy.
I’ll ask lots of questions
– they’ll all start with ‘WHY?!

(Now I Am Four, Mommy)

💖✨ Read each rhyme in advance to enjoy the anticipation of what’s around the corner, or read it when they reach that magical age to appreciate just how far they’ve come.

Where to Buy

The Now I Am series is available worldwide, from Amazon. Below are my affiliate links for the US & UK. Please note that all versions sold are ‘mommy’ (not ‘mummy’)

Now I am One, Mommy [US | UK]
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Available worldwide, from Amazon. If searching another Amazon store you may need to search for the full title + author name: Example: Now I am One, Mommy – Eric James). All links are affiliate links.