Santa's Sleigh is on its Way

to your house

The perfect Stocking filler

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s sleigh is already on its way to your home-town. It promises to be the best Christmas ever; But things don’t go according to plan! Is Santa okay? And what was that very important task you meant to do before you went to bed?

The story is available in over 120 different locations within the UK, US and Canada (generic version also available) with bespoke artwork and locations unique to your chosen location.

The Christmas trees twinkle,
the eggnog smells sweet,
the stockings are out
(for the gifts, not your feet!)

The garlands and paper-chains
hang from the ceiling,
and give the whole household
that Christmassy feeling.

Think about Santa

First one thing ...

You spot Santa’s sleigh! But suddenly there are sparks filling the air. Santa’s sleigh twists and turns and then drops out of sight. Is Santa okay?

... then another

Just when everything looks like it’s going to be okay, you remember something … that VERY IMPORTANT TASK you meant to do before bed … well, you forgot to do it!

You enter the kitchen
and turn on the light,
not spotting the figure
who ducks out of sight.

You’re still half-asleep,
so you don’t find it weird
that the broom has a hat
…and a coat
…and a beard!

Now Santa is leaving,
his sleigh races high.
It sparkles and fizzles
and lights up the sky.

The bright city streetlights
grow dim in the night.
“Hey Santa! Hey Santa!
Please have a safe flight!”

Available titles

Please note: New titles released frequently so this list may not be comprehensive.


MY HOUSE (buy!)
Alabama (buy!)
Alaska (buy!)
Albuquerque (buy!)
Arizona (buy!)
Arkansas (buy!)
Boise (buy!)
Boston (buy!)
Calgary (buy!)
Canada (buy!)
Charleston (buy!)
Cincinnati (buy!)
Colorado (buy!)
Connecticut (buy!)
Delaware (buy!)
Edmonton (buy!)
Florida (buy!)
Georgia (buy!)
Hawaii (buy!)
Idaho (buy!)
Illinois (buy!)
Indiana (buy!)
Iowa (buy!)
Kansas City (buy!)
Kansas (buy!)
Kentucky (buy!)
Las Vegas (buy!)
Los Angeles (buy!)
Louisiana (buy!)
Maine (buy!)
Maryland (buy!)
Massachusetts (buy!)
Michigan (buy!)
Minnesota (buy!)
Mississippi (buy!)
Missouri (buy!)
Nebraska (buy!)
Nevada (buy!)
New England (buy!)
New Jersey (buy!)
New Mexico (buy!)
New York City (buy!)
New York (buy!)
North Carolina (buy!)
North Dakota (buy!)
Ohio (buy!)
Oklahoma (buy!)
Omaha (buy!)
Oregon (buy!)
Pennsylvania (buy!)
Philadelphia (buy!)
Pittsburgh (buy!)
Portland (buy!)
Rhode Island (buy!)
San Francisco (buy!)
South Carolina (buy!)
South Dakota (buy!)
St. Louis (buy!)
Tampa Bay (buy!)
Tennessee (buy!)
Texas (buy!)
Toronto (buy!)
Tulsa (buy!)
Utah (buy!)
Vancouver (buy!)
Vermont (buy!)
Virginia (buy!)
Washington DC (buy!)
Washington (buy!)
West Virginia (buy!)
Wisconsin (buy!)
Wyoming (buy!)


MY HOUSE (buy!)
Aberdeen (buy!)
Basingstoke (buy!)
Bath (buy!)
Bedford (buy!)
Belfast (buy!)
Birmingham (buy!)
Blackpool (buy!)
Bolton (buy!)
Bournemouth & Poole (buy!)
Bradford (buy!)
Brighton (buy!)
Bristol (buy!)
Cambridge (buy!)
Cardiff (buy!)
Channel Islands (buy!)
Chelmsford (buy!)
Cheltenham (buy!)
Chester (buy!)
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Clare (buy!)
Cork (buy!)
Cornwall (buy!)
Coventry (buy!)
Crowley (buy!)
Croydon (buy!)
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Derry (buy!)
Devon (buy!)
Donegal and Sligo (buy!)
Dublin (buy!)
Dudley (buy!)
Dundee (buy!)
Eastbourne (buy!)
Edinburgh (buy!)
Essex (buy!)
Exeter (buy!)
Fife (buy!)
Galway (buy!)
Glasgow (buy!)
Gloucester (buy!)
Grimsby (buy!)
Halifax (buy!)
Hampshire (buy!)
Harlow (buy!)
Harrogate (buy!)
Hereford (buy!)
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Huddersfield (buy!)
Hull (buy!)
Ireland (buy!)
Isle of Man (buy!)
Isle of Wight (buy!)
Kent (buy!)
Kildare (buy!)
Kingston Upon Thames (buy!)
Lancashire (buy!)
Laois (buy!)
Leeds (buy!)
Leicester (buy!)
Lincoln (buy!)
Liverpool (buy!)
London (buy!)
Luton (buy!)
Maidstone (buy!)
Manchester (buy!)
Meath and Westmeath (buy!)
Milton Keynes (buy!)
Monaghan and Cavan (buy!)
Newcastle Upon Tyne (buy!)
Norfolk (buy!)
Northampton (buy!)
Northern Ireland (buy!)
North Wales (buy!)
Nottingham (buy!)
Oxford (buy!)
Peterborough (buy!)
Plymouth (buy!)
Portsmouth (buy!)
Preston (buy!)
Reading (buy!)
Republic of Ireland (buy!)
Scunthorpe (buy!)
Sheffield (buy!)
Shrewsbury (buy!)
Somerset (buy!)
Southend on Sea (buy!)
Southampton (buy!)
Staffordshire (buy!)
Stockport (buy!)
Stoke on Trent (buy!)
Suffolk (buy!)
Surrey (buy!)
Swansea (buy!)
Telford (buy!)
Tipperary (buy!)
Tunbridge Wells (buy!)
Wakefield (buy!)
Warrington (buy!)
Welsh Valleys (buy!)
Wexford (buy!)
Wiltshire (buy!)
Wimbledon (buy!)
Wolverhampton (buy!)
Woking (buy!)
Worcestershire (buy!)
Worthing (buy!)
York (buy!)

What people are saying

The illustrations are splendid and the story is very well written. This is a cute and personalized story that will add magic to your Christmas collection.


I really enjoyed it and found it very magical. It really put me in the Christmas spirit.

Luci10714's review

Got this book for my 3 year old son, nieces, nephews and friends children between 2-8. They loved the book so much!


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