Santa's Magic Key

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Santa's Magic Key

How does Santa get in when you don't have a chimney?

When a young boy realises on Christmas Eve that his new home doesn’t have a chimney, he decides to write Santa a letter. But then he discovers that the post office has already closed.

I didn’t notice it was missing until Christmas Eve… and only then because I was looking for a place to hang my stocking in our new home. 

Everybody knows that, when Santa delivers presents, he comes down the chimney. But my new home didn’t have a chimney, so how would Santa get in?

As I turned to head home, it started to snow. And boy did it snow! Thick white snowflakes
swirled all around me. I could barely see my feet. When I turned the corner, I was standing on a street unlike any I had ever seen before.
Where was I?

Santa's Magic Key
Santa's Magic Key

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