A Halloween Scare in ...

A funny children's rhyme with an uplifting & empowering ending, set in a world your child already knows
trick or treaters

Set in YOUR CHILD’s world

It’s Halloween night, but you’re not scared. Okay, maybe you’re a bit scared! But there’s a secret that many monsters don’t want you to know. Find out what it is in this Halloween tale.

The story is available in over 78 different locations within the US and Canada (generic version also available) with bespoke artwork and locations unique to your chosen location.

I’ve strived to produce a tightly-written rhyming story which will appeal to both adults and children, and hopefully one that will put smiles on faces each time you read it.

The thunder clapped loudly
with terrible booms.
The witches dodged lightning
and clung to their brooms.

The two-headed doggies
tried chasing their tails,
And banshees let loose with
their hideous wails.

Halloween Spooky

But isn’t it really SCARY?!

Although the book deals with the potentially scary topic of Halloween I’ve taken steps to ensure that this rhyme is filled with gentle, spooky thrills and has an ending with a twist, which will empower, rather than scare the reader.

Big Monster Cuddles

It aims to show children that they need not be afraid of everything that goes bump-in-the-night, no matter how scary things may seem – to say anything more may give the ending away!

Why not give a book to your little ones for Halloween this year? It’s a zero-calorie Halloween treat (*unless they eat it of course!)

monsters signpost


A giant red chicken
arrived in Kentucky.
You knew from his walk
he was fearless and plucky,

He strode down the street
and was heard to be gloating,
“You’ll never get me
in a crispy crumb coating!”

Find out what happens to this plucky chicken next … only in the Kentucky book!


The witches came out
as it neared witching hour.
The pilgrims waved out
from aboard the Mayflower.

The students of MIT
(Monsters In Training),
Were chasing the locals,
and yes, they were gaining!

Find out what happens next … only in the New England book!

What people are saying

This has been the requested bedtime book for my three yr old son. He LOVES it, he has even memorized several lines which makes him even more excited! Can’t wait for this author’s second book!

Nathalia Luna

Loved, loved, the first book. I purchased the book for my 3 year old grandson and he loved it and my 7 year old granddaughter now wants one. I thought she would think she was too old for it but no. So now it’s time to get another one or probably two.


This is honestly one of my favorite children’s books I’ve ever read. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with every aspect, from the rhymes to illustrations, plot line, etc. It’s just perfect.

Laura Domineau

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