Tiny the Easter Bunny

This bunny looks funny!
Tiny Elephant Easter Bunny

One bright Easter morning ...

One bright Easter morning, while out for a jog, Tiny the elephant sees his friend Fluff, the Easter Bunny, stuck in a log! Tiny decides that the best way to help out is by being the best bunny he can be.

Thankfully, a smart mouse called Marvin is on hand to teach Tiny a very valuable lesson: if you want to save Easter and free Fluff, you need to do one thing … “be yourself

Tiny - this bunny looks funny

You need to start using
the talents you’ve got.
Be proud to be you.
Don’t be something you’re not!”

He hops, then he stops,
then he hops a bit more …
then he stops all the hopping
and flops to the floor!

But I thought bunnies were supposed to be GOOD at hopping?!

Tiny Elephant Hop Hop Stop

Tiny may look like a bunny, but that doesn’t mean he can do the things real bunnies do! Elephants definitely weren’t made for hopping and digging, for example. And now Marvin is becoming suspicious; How long do you think it will be before he figures it out?

“There’s something not right,”
Marvin says. “Let me see…”
He scratches his chin and thinks,
What can it be?

“You’re not very fast—
well, just look at those legs!
You’re not very careful.
You’ve cracked half the eggs!”

Tiny the elephant Marvin no bunny dropping

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Tiny the Easter Bunny