I'm looking for an agent

I am a freelance writer of rhyme and prose. Although I am not actively seeking an agent, I am very interested in hearing from agents who like what I do, as I have a number of children’s stories and concepts that are beyond the scope of my current publisher (for reasons I will explain upon contact). 

Here are some facts and figures you may be interested in ...
Titles published

I have authored 6 titles so far (including those being published in 2017/2018). More stories are in the works. These titles have extremely high sell through rates; while I cannot attribute such high figures to the writing alone, the writing has resulted in strong sales and extremely favourable reviews over a number of years, leading to me being asked to author even more titles. To date one title is prose and the rest are in rhyme.

Goodreads Rating
(236 ratings)

I don’t actively promote on Goodreads, but I see that as of 22nd March 2017 my books have been rated 236 times with 66 reviews. My average rating is 4.08 out of 5. This trend is reflected/bettered on Amazon – although the books are primarily sold in store, my Amazon.com authorcentral page shows 14 pages of U.S. reviews, almost all of which are 5 stars (note: because of the nature of the books these reviews are spread across multiple listings).

Write & edit to deadlines
Write to a brief
Pitching synopses

I have a good understanding of the realities of publishing. I am able to write to a brief as well as write, rewrite and edit to tight deadlines. For one title I wrote a core story, two ending rewrites and an additional 156 bespoke rhyming verses, all inside of one month. I have an understanding of picture book layout conventions, length, metre and the interplay that can occur between text and illustration (often handing off to the illustration where length edits are required).

I am technically savvy and Social Media literate. For example, everything related to this website, from hosting to the actual creation and email list integration, was done by me. I’ve been using Twitter (not my author account) since 2007. I have Facebook and Instagram accounts too. I have even conducted author talks with schools thousands of miles away, via Skype.