Spooky Express

A spooky story on rails, set in a world your child already knows
Spooky park

Halloween Ghost Train!

When two children board The Spooky Express on Halloween night they expect a wild ride, but things get really crazy when the engineer loses his head … literally. Are the passengers doomed or can the children keep their cool and save the day?

The story is set in one of 70+ locations within the US & Canada (the generic “All Aboard” version is also available) with bespoke artwork and locations unique to your chosen location.

What a marvelous train,
engine black as the night!
All its carriages glowed
with a ghostly green light.

And we both held our breath
when its loud whistle blew,
for the sound that it made
was a ghastly woo wooooo!

spooky train

But isn’t it really SCARY?!

Although the book deals with the potentially scary topic of Halloween I’ve taken steps to ensure that this rhyme is filled with gentle, spooky thrills and has an uplifting ending.

A Zero-Calorie Halloween Treat

Giving out candy is all well and good, but why not give a book to your little ones instead? This book is a zero-calorie Halloween treat (*unless they eat it of course!)

The door opened wide.
A conductor appeared
with a cheery old smile
that was not to be feared.

He said, “Spooky Express!
Hop aboard. Take a ride!”
“How exciting!” we thought,
and we climbed up inside.

If the engineer’s headless
he can’t steer the train,
for his head’s where he keeps
both his eyes and his brain!

He yanked levers forward.
He jerked levers back.
The train started wobbling
all over the track!

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A couple of people have asked, so I thought I’d clarify: in the US the “train driver” is known as the engineer, so yes, he is the person driving the train 🙂

halloween pumpkin head

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